COVID 19 and our response:

There have been large and small changes implemented to keep our patients and staff protected during COVID and beyond.

Here are some highlights of the modifications to our space and routine:

  • High Efficiency Air filtration – You will notice the addition of glass walls and glass doors. This allows the Amaircare negative pressure filtration system, and the Surgically Clean Air system that we’ve implemented to work optimally. These systems are hospital grade particle filters. There are approximately 40 air changes per hour.
  • All surfaces in our rooms are disinfected between patients, and the same high pressure and temperature disinfection of instruments occurs, according to government regulations.
  • All dental providers wear face shields, in addition to masks, when providing care to patients. Our reception area has a plexiglass shield. All rooms are separated by glass partitions and glass doors.
  • You will be asked to put on shoe covers when entering, and wear a mask at all times except when receiving dental treatment.
  • Our washroom and floors are disinfected daily, and door handles and reception surfaces are disinfected hourly.
  • Appointments are staggered to minimize the number of people in the waiting room.
  • We ask that you come to the office at your specific appointment time. We make sure there is space for physical distancing between people at the reception area.
  • All employees have a health assessment twice daily, with temperature checks.
  • All patients are required to fill out a COVID questionnaire within two hours of their appointment, and have a temperature check before their appointments.


With warm regards,

Dr. Sara Hansen

Clean Air @ Mercer Street Dentistry

Operatory Doors @ Mercer Street Dentistry


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