About Dr Sara Hansen

Sara Hansen

Sara Hansen, Dentist at Mercer Street Dentistry

Dr Hansen graduated in 1998, from Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago, after having attended McGill University in Montreal. She has been practicing dentistry in downtown Toronto for the last 20 years.

Dr Hansen sees herself as a partner in your oral health. With referrals from dental professionals and patients alike, she has been consistently known as one of the most compassionate and communicative dentists in Toronto. Sometimes a trip to the dentist makes people feel apprehensive. Fear and anxiety about dental work keeps them from addressing their dental issues. She would like to work towards improving your dental health so you can approach your dental well-being without fear or anxiety.

Dr Hansen practiced at MetroCentre Dental from 1998-2016.  She  opened her new office in August 2016, at 22 Mercer Street, near the intersection of King and John Street.